Monthly Payment Plans

Your Dream of an LT Custom Guitar just got a Little Closer to Reality

To celebrate the launch of the LT Pioneer, we are now offering the option of spreading the cost of your dream guitar over up to a year.

You can now spec your Pioneer here on the site, pay your deposit and then make up to 12 monthly payments – and there’s no interest to pay! You will even receive your guitar within two months of paying your deposit, so you can get playing while you are still paying.

How it works

Here’s an example for a Standard Pioneer P1: £1,599.00

Deposit on Commission (30%): £479.99
The build won’t start until your deposit is received and the deposit is non-refundable

Remaining £1120.00 repaid in monthly instalments, as follows:

11 equal monthly payments: £93.00 (£1,023.00)
1 final payment: £97.00

You will receive your guitar after you have paid the first two instalments. If you choose to cancel your order, any payments made will be non-refundable, as they cover the initial work in sourcing materials and getting the build underway.

Once you have received your custom guitar, it’s yours. If you decide not to continue paying the instalments, you can return the guitar in lieu of any remaining repayments*. Repayments made up to that point will be non-refundable, but no further payments will be due once LT Custom has accepted the return.

What if I can’t make a payment?

Let us know so we can discuss your options. If you fail to pay and no arrangement can be reached, LT Custom reserves the right to pursue a legal remedy for claiming the outstanding balance, plus reasonable costs.

Are you a regulated lender?

LT Custom Guitars is neither registered with nor regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or Prudential Regulation Authority. The maximum period of any instalment arrangement is 12 months and the costs can be spread over a maximum of 12 payments. No interest, fees or other charges are applied in relation to this payment option.

You should always seek independent advice before entering into any financial commitment. You should consider whether you can afford to meet the commitment into which you are entering. LT Custom makes no assessment of your financial status or personal circumstances. LT Custom reserves the right not to provide access to payment by instalment at its absolute discretion.

*subject to the instrument and case being in good, used condition, in the opinion of LT Custom, acting reasonably