LT Custom Pioneer Guitars


Welcome to LT Custom Guitars where we pride ourselves in making the finest handmade bespoke guitars and basses.

Whatever your style whatever your sound, there’s a guitar waiting to be made for you…

Build your Pioneer – P2

Use our brand new visualiser to spec your own guitar and watch it come to life in front of you.

LT Custom Guitar Builder Luthier
LT Custom Guitar Builder

CGS’s first look at our new ‘Custom – T’

I was delighted to be invited back over to see my friend CGS recently who took the time to check out our new ‘Custom – T’ model. I think it’s fair to say he really enjoyed it, but watch the full video and see what you think.

Leigh Fuge & The Pioneer – P1

Leigh’s been taking a P1 for a spin lately. Check out the video to see and hear it put through it’s paces and find out what Leigh thinks of it.


As a musician myself, I have an appreciation for all styles of music and I’m constantly searching for new ways to combine perfect tone and aesthetic design into my instruments.

LT Custom Guitars are created using only the finest exotic timbers,  tone-woods and resin hybrids. Every element is hand crafted, resulting in bespoke instruments of the highest quality. Everything on our guitars can be customised, so if you want specific hardware, a fully carved top, custom finish or perhaps even an unusual shape, it can all be created just for you.

Instrument prices start from just £1599.99, less than you would often pay for an off-the-peg ‘me too’ guitar. With lead times of currently around 18 weeks for a fully custom build and 2 weeks for a batch production ‘Pioneer‘ model, you’re only  months away from making the dream of playing your very own custom, handmade guitar a reality.

Every LT Custom Guitar comes with a certificate of authenticity and Hiscox hard case. You can upgrade this to a customisable Artur Benedykt handmade hard case for an additional fee.