Ruby Taylor

Yumi & The Weather

I was first introduced to Ruby and thus Yumi And The Weather by Rob Harvey (see below!) who was keen to tell me about this cool new band that he was asked to join. He sent me through some YouTube links to a live studio performance the band had done prior to Rob joining and to say I was captivated from first the first video would be an understatement. Ruby is a fantastic singer, songwriter & guitarist – her lyrics paint such vivid pictures in your mind as they tell the story of each song and her guitar lines will stay with you like a welcome ear worm! Whether its softer, arpeggio driven ‘Just this one thing’, the much heavier riff driven ‘It’s all in my head’ or synth guitar sounding solo in ‘Howl’, Ruby really knows how to perfectly blend etherial pop & rock. Yumi And The Weather are making some serious waves in the industry, with constant live shows and festival performances, as well as being played on leading radio stations like planet rock, Ruby needed a guitar that not only fit in visually with the band, but something that would hold up with a vigorous live performance schedule. We came up with the LT/RT-SG01, outfitted with Sunbear P90 Pick ups, a 25” scale but with a 7/8ths size body to make it much more comfortable, we added dual carbon fibre reinforcing rod either side of the truss rod to make sure her guitar would ready to rock every time she pulled it out the case.

Photo courtesy of XC Photography 

Rob Harvey-Powell

Yumi & The Weather

Rob is not only one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, he’s a very accomplished guitar player with accreditation from BIMM and a recent back ground in guitar tuition. He can make the most complex progression and embellishments sound great and look like he’s got bags of time whilst doing so – a sign of a great player.

His playing encompasses everything from sparkling, crystal clean progressions through to searingly driven, soulful blues inspired riffs and he needed a guitar which could handle everything he wants to throw at it.

When we discussed the possibility of a build, Rob immediately said “can we do a Jazzmaster and can it have 3 P90’s, a contemporary vibrato unit and metallic orange paint?” I barely had time to say yes before we were on to discussing wood options and neck carves! Rob’s Classic JM features (or rather will feature – as it’s currently in production!) a 1 piece black poplar body, a rock maple neck and AAA ebony fingerboard. The pick ups will be 3 x Nix Alba P90’s from Alchemy Pick Ups, Switchcraft, Gotoh & Omeg electronics, a Dusenberg Les Trem and of course some shiny metallic orange paint work! Be sure to check back soon for pictures!

Rob Harvey-Powell Yumi & The Weather Guitar Player

Emma King

I’ve been lucky enough to know Emma for a while, and I’m incredibly honoured to have her as part of the LT Custom Guitars family.

Emma has received a 5 star album review, been an HMV recommended artist and has even shared a cover mount of Blues Magazine with the likes of Joe Bonamassa so we wanted to build something special for her.

The ‘King Tele’ – as it is affectionately named – is a very special guitar. This Classic ’T’ was designed from the ground up for Emma. Her requirements were: it had to be comfortable, light weight, look good and sound huge – challenge accepted! In order to reduce the weight we selected a 1 piece British poplar body, accompanied by a British Walnut top. In a wonderful twist of fate, every piece of walnut – neck, top, inset binding on the fretboard, pick up surround, cavity cover and even the fretboard markers – are from the same tree! A little bit of added LT Custom Guitar magic. To make the guitar smaller, and more comfortable for Emma we gave it a 24” scale length on a flamed maple fretboard as well as a 7/8th’s size body with specially designed, huge thinline chambers. This not only provides weight relief, but also helps create huge resonance in the guitar, which in turn is amplified by the Alchemy Pick Ups ‘Mercurial’ set. The complete set up allows Emma the freedom to produce well rounded blues tones in the neck, but also switch to a brighter, twang style twang sound you’d expect from the bridge. All in all the guitar was designed to fit the player and we think we matched them pretty well!

Emma King King Tele

Danny Giles

Playing expressive riffs and tremendous solos with the tone of Walter Trout and the speed of Malmsteen, every note Danny plays is laden with passion and feeling. He’s one of the hardest working artists I know and he needed a guitar that would withstand his rigorous touring schedule with The DGB whilst matching his incredible playing style. The result: The DG-1. Affectionately named ‘The Duke’ the body is solid Korina – known for its extra warmth and added mid tones. The neck is highly figured baked maple featuring a slim tapered super soft ‘V’ and rolled shoulders for superior playing comfort and speed. The matching fingerboard, black pinstripe and over sized headstock really show this guitar to be a cut above the rest. Providing every tone from bell like cleans, to a snorting over wound PAF humbucker. The Duke features Danny’s very own signature Alchemy Pickups HSS set, designed and made for this very guitar, allowing Danny’s playing to cut clearly through any mix. The Gotoh locking machine heads and 510 tremolo system allow Danny to express himself to the fullest extent with his soaring lead lines. Finished in ‘pearl green envy’ – more commonly found on Lamborghini super cars, the DG-1 certainly has the ‘show’ to match it’s ‘go’.

Danny Giles DG-1

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