‘The Pioneer – P2’

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The P2 is the next step up the evolutionary chain for the Pioneer. Where as then P1 is stripped back, all go, no show – The P2 is all show, all go, not just designed to be a super reliable, go-to work horse, but hopefully the only guitar you’ll ever need!

Not only does the P2 have more than double the wood options than the P1, including your choice of rare exotic tops and matching head stock face to really help you stand out from the crowd, they all come as standard with set in necks with the heels contoured unrivalled access to the upper frets.

It’s hard to beat the electronics that come as standard on all Pioneer models, so we’ decided to keep them, but also give you even more options for the electronics on the P2 for increased tonal versatility. They are ;

  • Same circuit as the P1
  • 1 Humbucker on push / pull coil split
  • Both humbuckers on separate push / pull coil splits
  • Passive Treble & Bass Circuit

Our passive treble & bass circuit does require an extra pot to be added however you can then roll off bass frequencies as well as treble frequencies as with a regular tone pot – this option may be better suited to those that play very heavy music. Rolling off some of the bass frequencies in your signal allows you to cut through the mix a little easier and also sound like you’ve upped the gain on your amplifier!

As with the P1 model, the P2’s still feature the high output ‘Hartshorn’ humbuckers from Alchemy Pickups The Pioneer that will handle anything you can throw at them – Just ask Jake Leigh!

As with it’s stripped back little brother, all P2’s are available with an oil finish if you wish or you can have the full gloss paint finish to really make your exotic top stand out from the crowd!

One last thing, all Pioneer – P2 models can be ordered as a 27″ baritone… if you’re brave enough.

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