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When classic becomes custom…

May was a big month for LT Custom. We had our very first outing at the UK Guitar Show in Birmingham, the biggest guitar show in the UK. Most of the big brands were there to show off their current and new wares along with smaller companies like us. We took this opportunity to have a rethink about our ‘Classic’ series of guitars, starting with the ’T’. 

The ever growing cost of custom

People often get in touch to spec up a fully custom classic, whether its a T, S or JM and that’s great, but, they often get paralysis by choice when they realise they can have any woods, hardware, pick ups, finish and colour they want. Choosing some seriously outlandish options can then easily spiral the cost upwards of £2500! This also takes us time to put the quotes together, ringing around several suppliers for current prices on exotic timbers and hardware before being able to price up the build.

Creating custom for less

We’ve been thinking for a while now about how we get around these problems. We enlisted the help of Leigh Fuge (Guitarist, YouTuber & Journalist) and we think we’re there! We’ve decided to offer the new custom ’T’ models with a range of options as standard. The body, neck and fretboard wood can all be customised, as well as two different pick up options from Radioshop Pick Ups. The choice of 3 or 4 way wiring, various fretboard radii along with dot marker and fret wire size is also yours to make. All Finished as standard in a variety of classic nitro cellulose colours and complete with your choice of an ultra padded gig bag or hard case. 

Butterscotch Custom Telecaster

The finishing touches

To throw a little more LT & Leigh Fuge flavour over the new ’T’, we’ve added some creature comforts that we’re known for ;

  • Subtle forearm contour
  • Curved & chamfered heel
  • Lower horn cutaway

These aren’t just for looks, they all help make an extremely ergonomic guitar with ease of playability in mind. However, no matter how the guitar is customised, we agreed that they had to maintain the look, feel and sound of those classic ’T’ type guitars we know and love. Prices start at just £1599,99, and even if you opted for every upgrade available, it would still come in under £1900.00 – we feel that represents exceptional value for a hand built, custom guitar.

Click HERE to view the brand new ‘Custom – T’

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