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LT Custom Guitars has teamed up with Kanji Guitars to offer bespoke courses in building your very own electric guitar. The courses will be one on one and highly detailed as we take you through each step of your build, from planning right through the final set up.

This course is perfect for those who’ve always wanted to build their own guitar, but lacked the confidence, know-how, tools or even space to do so. They also make a great gift!

To be clear, you’ll be doing all the building, but we’ll be right there, guiding you through each part.

Although the days may seem fairly long with an 8am start and 7pm finish, that time will fly by, and of course you’ll have your very own hand built guitar to take home at the end.

The course will be based in the beautiful Sussex countryside, so for practicality you’ll need your own car. The plus side – we’re only 10 minutes from Gatwick Airport, 30 minutes from Brighton and we have a stunning B & B on site offering discounts for all students of the course.

The courses will run Thursday morning to Monday evening. Meaning you only need minimal time off work. We can operate the courses on different days if this isn’t convenient, so please get in touch if you require this –

The cost is £990 (incl VAT) plus the price of your desired wood & hardware. We’ll source all this for you, if you wish. Alternatively you can bring your own.

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Do I need previous experience in guitar building, repair or general woodwork?

No, none what so ever. We’ll be right there with you guiding you through every step of the build and how to use the tools and machinery.

What clothes should I wear?

Safety glasses and ear protectors are provided for you. If you so wish, you can purchase a dust mask from us as well. Wear sensible footwear, they don’t have to be steel toe capped, but be aware that a tool falling from a workbench on to you foot and or toes may hurt!

What if my guitar isn't finished within 5 days?

Don’t worry, we’ve got very achievable goals for each day to ensure a standard slab style build can be finished within the 5 days. If necessary we can work past 7pm each day. If for whatever reason your build doesn’t get finished, we can finish it for you and then ship it to you.

Is there any danger with the machines I’ll be using?

Every tool and machine in the workshop should be treated with respect and used in the proper manner. We will of course give proper training and instruction on each machine used in the build process, but we’ll need you to read, understand and sign a health and safety paper when you arrive.

Where is the nearest town?

The course is based in the beautiful countryside only a stones throw from Horsham. Here you’ll find plenty of shops and restaurants to stock up on food, as well as the mainline train station.

Is there accommodation?

Yes, there is a beautiful B&B within 2 minutes walk of the workshop, which is offering a discount for anyone attending the courses. Alternatively there’s a number of hotels and Air B&B’s in Horsham.

What about food and drink?

We advise you to bring food and drink & snacks with you every day. You’ll be amazed at just how much time you can lose just by popping out for lunch every day!

When can I do my course?

Fill in the our booking form with your preferred start date and we’ll let you know the availability!

How can I pay?

Payment can be made via Paypal or bank transfer. We ask that payment is made no less than 1 month before you attend your course as places are very limited with this being 1 – 2 – 1 tuition.

Will I be a fully trained luthier when I finish?

A luthier is a person who works on several types of stringed instruments. LT Custom Guitars & Kanji Guitars have vast experience building & working on electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, & ukes. This five day course will be your first steps to becoming a luthier, our advice is to keep going, in a workshop of your own, who knows where it will lead?

What will you be doing during the course?

The workshop is always active, LT Custom Guitars & Kanji Guitars are constantly making custom guitars, whether they’re for the shops that stock them, for upcoming guitar shows or commissioned custom builds. We’re they’re to guide you through each and every step, between them we’ll be working on our own builds. Don’t think this means you can’t interrupt us, ask us questions, to double check something or to simply just over see. You can never ask enough questions, so don’t worry!

What will the hardware and wood for my build cost?

Approximately £120 – £140 for a budget multiple piece slab body plain neck, fingerboard and basic hardware. That’s not to say you can’t have a one pice body, some triple ‘A’ tonewood neck, exotic drop top and top of the range branded hardware, however the cost will rise significantly.

Is there an age restriction on the course?

Unfortunately yes, we can only accept persons at least 18 years old, sorry!

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